We care for older adults with Alzheimer's disease in their own home and in the community

Physical Diabilities

We provide live-in and personal care for young and older adults suffering from physical disabilities

Single Sensory Loss

Our specialist service extends to any single sensory impairment such as sight, hearing and spatial awareness

Dual Sensory Loss

We provide service for people suffering from hearing and sight loss in their own home and in the community

Mental Health Needs

Emergency service for people with mental health to visit hospital, engage with care team and community service

Learning Disabilities

One to One Support for daily routine. Our staff have excellent communication skills and in depth knowledge of disabilities.

Why Choose Us

At Marieco Care, We understand the fundamental needs of our clients. We designed our services around our current client's needs and make amendments to meet the need and wishes of new ones. Our services are not only designed to meet your physical difficulties but also your spiritual and emotional well being.
We are fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are fully compliant with social care regulation and standards. Our in-house professional code of conduct is there to safeguard our clients and provide peace of mind for their family.
It does not matter if you need us for just a one off even for as little as a 2-hour home visit, We are flexible enough to accommodate your request. Our team are well trained to deliver excellent service regardless of time, place, gender, race, religion and social circumstances.

To you, is about making the right choice, but to us, it's personal.


Social Care Training

We provide social care training.

Social Care Services

We can advise you on how to submit an application for services